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Francesca Righetti is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Organizational Psychology at the VU University, Amsterdam. She obtained her Research Master degree in 2007 and a PhD in 2011 with a dissertation entitled "Self-regulation in Interpersonal Interactions: Two Regulatory Selves at Work", for which she received the Best Dissertation Award of the International Association of Relationships Research (IARR). In 2012 she obtained the VENI Grant to investigate the phenomenon of sacrifice in close relationships and the implications of sacrificing for the individual and the relationship well-being. In 2015 she obtained the ORA Grant together with Wilhelm Hofmann and Paul Van Lange to investigate implicit partner evaluations. Besides sacrifice, Francesca is currently researching the interplay between self-regulatory processes and close relationship dynamics (e.g., how people help each other in accomplishing goals; self-control). In 2014 she won the Early Career Award from the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP).


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